Top 5 Forex Trading Apps 2021

Hello friends, how do you hope you are all fine, so today we are going to talk about Top 5 Forex Trading Apps 2021, have you joined or used such an app, then you will know what it is And how to use these apps, but if you do not know about these Forex Trading and you are listening to it for the first time or you have heard about these apps but you do not know how it works So this post today is about this

And if you know about forex trading and are looking for good top forex trading apps, then through this post, I am going to tell you about these top 5 forex trading apps which you can use this app forex Good for trading.

What is trading?

Now your question will be that what is trading, then let me tell you that trading means trading such as not buying anything at a low price and selling it at a higher price is called this trade and the same is called trading. This is also the case in trading apps, if you do not buy the stock and sell it at a great price, which we profit, it is called trading in the stock market.

What is Forex Trading?

The forex market is also called the foreign exchange market and it is also called currency trending market as we do trading with stock in the stock market, in the same way, we are trending with currency in forex trading companies buying good from other Conti We use the different currency for buying these goods. There is a need for local currency for purchase. When we go on a foreign holiday, then we exchange in the currency there.

This is how forex trading works. One currency is replaced with another in the forex market. The exchange rate is more important in trading. That is, what will be the rate of exchanging one currency from another currency elsewhere. You must have seen a higher rate that the rupee is worth more than the dollar or the dollar is worth more than the euro. Simply put, at this time the rate of rupee is 71.84 against the dollar, that is, to take one dollar, you have to pay 71.84 rupees. 

Top 5 Forex Trading Apps 2021


OctaFX is a very Papular Forex Broker in India and it has received the year 2020’s Best ECN Forex Broker award, along with many more awards have been received: –

  • Best Forex Copy Trading Platform (2020)
  • Best CFD Broker Asia (2020)
  • Best Mobile Trading App (2020)
  • Forex Broker Asia (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Best Trading Terms (2017)
  • Even so many more awards have been received.

Other services

  • You meet 28 types in OctaFX that currency, 2 metal, 3 Cryptocruncy, and 4 indexes.
  • In it, you can also Open Demo Account with Real Account.
  • If you are new in Forex Market then you get the option of Copy Trading
  • There is no swap charge in it and there is no commission cut.
  • If you have an account of $ 1000, then you will also get the facility of auto charts in which you get chart analysis through full details through EMAIL.
  • In OctaFX Account, you get a bonus of up to 50 to 100% on each deposit.
  • In it, you also get trading bonuses.

2. Olymp Trade

This company started in the year 2014. Just like every new company has some flaws, it too had flaws. After looking at these flaws, understanding them, and correcting them. Now, this platform is so famous that 50 million downloads of Olymp Trade App have been downloaded today. 

Olymp Trade has also been awarded several awards including…

  • Best Platform Le Fonti Award in 2016
  • Best Broker Kroufr Award in 2016
  • Fast Broking Growing Broker ShowFx Words Award 2016
  • CPA Life Award for Best Financial Broker in 2017
  • Best Broker Forex Expo Award in 2017
  • Innovative broker LAFT Award in 2017
  • Best Trading Platform Le Fonti Award in 2018


This is a foreign-based company which was launched in 2014, it is going on since 2014, which means that this company is going to be around seven years. The expert option works on the binary option, the binary option means that you put a bid of anyone, bidding, and after that, you will lose or you will win.

It works in a way like gambling, as you put a thing at a stake and after that, you either win either. In the same way, in the expert option, you put a small or large amount at stake, and then either you win or do Loss.

If you win then what you have put at stake / Amount gets 80-90% more and if you lose, then the amount of amount you have bet it.

4. Binomo

It includes low minimum deposits in the benefits of the trading platform, interpersonal education, analytics by professional traders, as well as operational efficiency of cooperation service. Binomo receives authorization from Financial Conduct Authority and is regulated by him.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • There is relative availability.
  • Availability of the demo account
  • Managed risk.
  • There is high profitability.
  • The minimum penetration limit is $ 10.

5. Iq option

IQ OPTION Best Trading App. It was started in 2013 and its software is named IQ Option. And their jurisdiction is Cyprus. And the minimum deposit amount to deposit it is $ 10. And can maximize $ 5000. And IQ Option App is available on both Android and iOS.

IQ OPTION is trending by depositing money. And first, you have to make money by making an account. From which you can trending and you can bit as much money in it. 


So friends, how did you like our post Top 5 Forex Trading Apps 2021, I liked this post of yours and you got a hello from this post, now you can use these apps and trading.

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