Best Online Doctors Apps in 2021

Corona is now becoming more cautious. There is also a lack of beds in hospitals in many places. Doctors are advising that if you have light symptoms of Corona then it can be treated at home.

Doctors’ advice is essential for you. Corona has light symptoms and you can not take advice from the doctor by going to the hospital, you can use technology. There are many apps on Google Play Store and App Store that can help you.

If Corona is not even and a second disease, but even if you do not want to go to the hospital, you can use these applications. If you are not satisfied with a doctor’s opinion then you will also get the advice of other doctors in the same money.

Talking about the apps associated with healthcare, there are apps like Practo and DocsApp where you can consult with online doctors. Here will be the qualified doctors from which you will be able to talk to a video call or on the phone.

This app also takes consultation fees which is not much. Here also get the option of subscription. With the doctor, you can constantly follow your symptoms here and the doctor will also give you the prescription so that you can take medication on them. If the doctor feels like you have to go to the hospital then they will advise you to go and refer.

Doctors can also ask you to get some tests. For example, Blood Tests or RTPCR. In such a situation, if you do not want to go to a Test Center, there are some apps that give the facility of testing at home. Examples are the 1mg app from which you can schedule some kind of test at home. Here you will find many big labs and the price will be accordingly. Apart from the Test, you can also order medicine from here.

Best Online Doctor Apps in 2021


1mg is an online platform that provides medicine that means medicine according to your needs, including homeopathy, allopathy, and Ayurvedic medicines. Apart from this, you can also get protein and vitamin products here.

Like the online salary website, such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Shopculs, eBay exactly the same way it is an online Medicine SITE which offers homebred medicines to your customers. The best news is that you can see and listen to the full information of medicines by choosing your own language.


Mobile App Practo will give you information about every type of doctor. At the same time, it can be said that you also provide information about the consultation fee with the name and address of the doctors.


This app also gives you online help that you can get your treatment, it is similar to the above.

4.Tata health

The platform provides a general medical professional chat 24×7 for 100 bucks. You can also consult experts from 9 pm (starting from 300 rupees). It also provides an online consultation with follow-up (starting from 300 rupees). Tata Health offers extensive investigations with those technicians.


In May 2016, Lybrate launches an online lab test service Lybrate Lab +, which allows a patient to collect the samples correctly from their home, which results are later shared online. It also provides patient management services and remote doctor-patient counseling for doctors.

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