Samsung Galaxy AI: Redefining On-Device Intelligence

What can be new in Android? Because in Android, all those features have come in today’s time Which we already wanted to see in it And now the changes that are happening They are becoming very minor But one such thing that in the coming time A big feature of the world of Android can be made And that can be AI Now you will say that in Android,

Introduction to On-Device AI in Android

AI is already available In which images are enhanced Dude, all these things were going on But here I am talking about On-Device AI See, even before this, I talked in a video Where a company like Qualcomm A company like MediaTek Is integrating AI in their devices And they have made their processor capable of this It can run artificial intelligence inside the phone And this intelligence will be the same Like using a chatbot.

Evolution of AI in Mobile Processors

Or if you want to use AI to generate an image And even if your mobile phone is not connected to the internet Still all these things are possible here And we are doing all this The AI capabilities that are coming in these devices It has also come in the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 And it has also come in the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 But companies cannot use this AI until Until Google does not support it from behind Or these companies will have to develop their own.

Gemini AI and Its Potential Impact

AI here Now you can see AI in Android Recently Google introduced Gemini AI Which is said to be a competitor of GPT-4 And with this, it is also important for you to know The demo of Gemini AI that Google showed here They also gave text input, showed images And fast forwarded a lot of things Which looks very good But it was not as advanced as we thought Although it is also an AI now Google is working on it And is slowly making it better.

But I can tell you one thing Google made its Ultra Pro and Nano versions And the most important thing is the nano version Because the nano version You will get to see it in mobile phones And AI capabilities Like the different apps we use According to your device You will get to see the AI That is, how do you work Analyze those things And help you in it.

On-Device AI in Latest Mobile Processors

Now if you look at it, in Pixel 8 It is being used as a developer feature Not in Android AI Core System Service has been introduced But it is only running in testing in Pixel In the future, only a few devices will come In which its hardware will be compatible Because now this hardware It is also coming in other forces With this, I can tell you What can AI do here If you are playing content on the recorder app It can summarize it and show it to you in text format If you are chatting on WhatsApp Then you can see smart replies These are some basic things that have been told here But a demo of Gemini AI was also given Where if you are playing a YouTube video in English

Pixel 9’s Smart Digital Assistant – Pixy

Then the whole summary of the video can already come in front of you That is, there can be a lot of use cases of AI And slowly you will see something being implemented in the mobile phone Now let’s talk about some interesting things In today’s time, it is known that In Pixel 9, there will be a smart digital assistant.

Which will be based on this Gemini AI Its name will be Pixy And this AI assistant It is being said that it will work on the device It will not need the internet And it will learn from the data you input And according to you, it will give personal assistance And it will spread as far as Google Apps are This looks like a very interesting feature.

AI in Mobile Phones Beyond Google – Samsung’s Galaxy AI

And it is also being told In the upcoming Galaxy S24 Samsung’s Galaxy AI can also be introduced here Which will work something like this And it will work inside the device In 2024.

In mobile phones AI will be the biggest buzzword And the biggest feature for Android is that But it’s not just that Samsung is working, Google is working Qualcomm showed the demos of AI before this For that, they used Meta’s LL-AMA2 AI Which is another large language model Like your GPTU or Gemini AI But this thing was still working there And they showed its use in image generation,

Text generation And it’s not just that these companies are working here It is heard that Chinese companies can also develop their own AI And can integrate it into a mobile phone Because definitely Google is not going to give them access And that’s why they will make their own AI But see if you bring your phone in the Indian market How does that AI work Is it stored in the data device or not This is something to think about And that’s not all.

The Role of AI in Wearables and Beyond

The owner of ChatGPT, OpenAI He also said that in the coming time He can put his AI in the devices Now we are talking about a lot of wearable startups From which they can integrate their AI It is also known to this extent Mr. Johnny Ivey, Apple’s previous chief design officer Designed a lot of Apple products He is also interested in AI And can take out any device related to AI Such news is also heard here And it is also heard about Apple It is also said that in the coming time They are also making their AI for Apple’s iPhone About which Apple did not tell you anything.

Challenges and Developments in Made in India AI

That is to say Artificial Intelligence is coming to your mobile phone And the most highlighting feature in the upcoming Android version That will be its AI This AI feature will not reach every mobile phone Will only reach those phones In which you are getting chips and processors for dedicated AI The rest of the devices will have AI through the internet AI is going to work the same way With this we are talking As far as AI is concerned Google will also put it in Android It will also be developed in the US But what about India? Can any Made in India AI ever be seen?.

Well, an AI demo was given here Whose name was Krutrim AI And it was said that this AI is not like ChatGPT is being used here ChatGPT is being used in the back end Or using the output of chatGPT To translate it No, they have developed their AI from the ground Which can work in text Can work in speech Can work in images But now this AI has not come into the market We will have to see when it comes to the market How much better than the already established player.

The Future of AI in the Mobile Phone Industry

But this AI is only looking promising here Because it will understand the context of India Anyway, when it comes, we will talk more about it But there is still a question The AI that we are talking about Which you are getting to see inside the mobile phone How helpful is it? Right now, only small demos have come here That have summarized things in the recorder app Or have given predictive text in the Gboard etc.

Which used to happen somewhere before this And used to run through the internet But there should be some ground-breaking thing From which it looks like Yes, this feature has to work for this AI Because all this work happens inside the device

Conclusion: The Growing Significance of AI in Mobile Phones

This is still a little missing It will be interesting to see Which company does it crack from It may not be the next biggest gimmick It will be interesting to see What is the future? Because in the future, AI is going to be a very big feature In the mobile phone industry By the way, if you found the video interesting, subscribe here Thank you for watching the video, I will see you in the next one Goodbye

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