Flagship Performance, Wallet-Friendly: POCO X6 Pro Unleashed!

Whenever I think of flagship killer, POCO F1 comes to my mind. What a great phone it was, the price it came at with Snapdragon 845, it was a very interesting thing. But the question is, when we are going to enter 2024, can you see a flagship killer performance? Which is again value for money and the price performance is amazing. Now in this regard, POCO comes to my mind again. Because in the last year, POCO has done a lot of good work and made a lot of amazing products. Like POCO M6 Pro and POCO M6, some of India’s most affordable 5G phone. And let’s talk about POCO F5.

There is no need to tell that this is the only phone to be found in India for which Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 comes. And with this,. I am giving the link in the i button, go and check it out. But I am going to tell you here, a flagship killer smartphone can come from POCO. And whenever we talk about a flagship killer smartphone, it comes to mind that which processor will be there in it.

The Quest for a Flagship Killer in 2024

That is, there should be a processor that has Snapdragon’s 8 series processor, but the price should be less. And recently Poco has tweeted here that their upcoming phone will be with Dimensity 8300 Ultra. And if this processor comes in POCO’S phone and its pricing goes around 30,000 rupees, you can assume that this could be the next flagship killer. Because if we talk about Dimensity 8300 Ultra, then its performance is similar to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 Whose phones are usually seen for 40,000 rupees, it is bringing the same performance. And Dimensity 8300 Ultra is based on TSMC 4nm technology. Now a simple thing about 4nm is that whenever the nanometer nm is less here, you get to see better performance.

The heating is less, plus you get to see good battery life. So this means that if you are getting to see a processor made in a high-quality process, then you will be free of tension here. You will get the best performance with the best battery life. And it will be more fun for gamers because gaming performance is going to be seen very forcefully here. And the TSMC 4nm process is the best process in the world of Android phones. And if you get a phone based on this for around 30,000 rupees, it will be a great thing. Let me tell you one more thing about it. Dimensity 8300 Ultra, which will probably be seen in the upcoming Poco X6 Pro, its Antutu score will be around 1.4 million.

Processor Dilemma in Flagship Killers

Let me give you a comparison. The score of the previous POCO X5 Pro Antutu was 5,45,000. And the new POCO X6 Pro Antutu score is 1.4 million, i.e. a 156% higher Antutu score. And this Antutu score is more than the Snapdragon 8th Gen 2 and 8th Gen 1 phones. Because the Antutu score of 8th Gen 2 comes around 1.2 million and 8th Gen 1 comes around 1 million. Isn’t it a very good thing? You will get to see the performance of the flagship level, but for that you will not have to pay a lot of money. And the peak clock speed of the Dimensity 8300 Ultra processor will be 3.35 GHz. And yes, its performance will be much better than the Snapdragon 778G phones.

Dimensity 8300 Ultra: A Potential Game-Changer

But the Dimensity 8300 Ultra is giving the performance of a flagship level. But the phones that come with this processor will have a very aggressive pricing. If I talk about the Poco X6 Pro here, then you will also get to see the ARM G615 GPU. Along with this, UFS 4.0 storage and LPDDR5X RAM. And when all this is combined, then you can understand that you will get to see the best performance. And if anyone is thinking of playing a game here, then you will also get to see the best performance in gaming. Even the time of the app opening will be very less and the responsiveness in the phone will be very good. And for those who want the most performance in the phone, you can make a very good choice here.

Along with this, the special AI algorithms have been used with this new processor. By using this, if you want to play games at high FPS, then it is possible. That is, you will get to see low latency, fast rendering, high FPS consistently. And along with this, the battery life will also look good. And you will not even feel the heating in the longer gaming sessions. So if you are a gamer, then keep in mind that you do not need to buy a premium phone for a lag free experience. You can also buy a phone at a good price point, in which your gaming performance is high-end flagship. And according to this, this processor is of the flagship killer level, which you will get to see in the upcoming Poco X6 Pro.

TSMC 4nm Technology: A Technical Advantage

Along with this, in Dimensity 8300 Ultra, you will get to see 14-bit HDR ISP. And by using this, you will be able to capture very good images. That is, you will not only get gaming performance in the processor, but also get a strong ISP with the benefit of a flagship processor. By using this, you can record 4K video, take very high-quality photographs, and flagship great imaging technologies have also been used here. By using this, you will get to see very good contrast, color sharpness. And along with this, you also get to see MediaTek’s AI PQ engine.

You can also get the benefit of this in mobile photography, in which you will get to see image enhancement in real time. And automatically, the AI will upscale your images and make them better than before. And the benefit of AI is that if you are going to take a photograph in any lighting condition, then you do not need to worry about how the photo will come. By using AI, you will be able to take very good and high-quality images. And this is also a very special feature of this processor. Along with this, if we talk about the display features, then there is 120Hz refresh rate support, HDR support, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, you will get to see their support here.

Along with this, in the upcoming phone, POCO X6 Pro, you will also get to see 480Hz touch sampling. And the PWM dimming will be seen at 1920Hz. And if we talk about 5G, then the 5G modems of Dimensity 8300 Ultra are also very strong. Here you will get to see 3CC carrier aggregation, by using which you can enjoy speeds of up to 5Gbps in 5G. And in the 5G of the sub-6GHz, you will also get to see better performance and better range. So definitely it becomes a very strong point of this processor.

Poco X6 Pro: Features for Enhanced Performance

So overall, Dimensity 8300 Ultra is a proper flagship killer processor. If we talk in terms of CPU, in terms of GPU, in terms of gaming, in terms of AI capabilities. Or let’s talk about 5G connectivity. In this, you will get to see the fun of the flagship level. And Poco has a history of producing very good processor phones at a very aggressive price point. And I hope that when POCO X6 Pro comes, it will do the same disruption here as your POCO M1 did. And the X series of POCO, we have often seen in under Rs 30,000. And at the price point of Rs 30,000, if you are getting all these features, then it can be a very solid choice here. And if you want to buy a new phone right now, my suggestion is to wait for a few days.

POCO X6 Pro is about to come and when this phone comes, we are going to talk about it here. By the way, how do you guys feel about Dimensity 8300 Ultra and the upcoming POCO X6 Pro? Don’t forget to tell this in the comments below., I will see you in the next one. Goodbye.

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