Cash Adda app Review - How to Earn Cash and Gift Cards?

The Cash Adda app provides you with Paytm Cash, UPI Cash, a Google Play redeem code, and Amazon or Flipkart gift cards.

Today we know how we can earn money in the Cash Adda app and how to make withdrawals for it.

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How to Earn Money in Cash Adda app?

1. Playing games:

You have the opportunity to accumulate coins based on your playtime.
play games to earn cash adda

The more you engage with the game, the more coins you can earn. Access games that offer real money rewards.

2. Participate in surveys:

You can earn coins by submitting your responses to surveys. The more surveys you complete, the more coins you can collect.

cash adda surveys

3. Invite friends:

If you invite your friends through your referral link, and if your friend joins with your link or earns at least 1 coin in playtime.

You get 5 rupees plus a 20% commission on the coins they earn while playing.

4. Watching Videos:

This app also allows you to earn by watching video ads, but it is not fixed on how many coins you get per video ad.

The Cash Adda app mentions that it depends on the market rate, how many coins you receive by watching videos.

Sometimes it is more, and sometimes it is less.

cash adda app

Cash Adda Login Problem

Currently, this app has a problem where, when users try to log in with their mobile number, the app says the phone number is invalid.

If you face the same issue, you have to try to log in with another device or number, clear this app data, and try again to log in after doing this. Maybe your problem will be fixed.

If your problem has not been fixed, you should contact the app developers of the Cash Adda app through email and inform them about this issue.

When they found out about this issue, they fixed it as soon as possible.

Cash Adda Withdrawal

There are five withdrawal methods available in my country; maybe it varies depending on your country.

  1. Paytm
  2. UPI
  3. Google Play Redeem Codes
  4. Flipkart gift cards
  5. Amazon gift cards

In Upi, you take a minimum withdrawal of 5 rupees.

If we are talking about Amazon and Google Play gift cards, the minimum withdrawal limit for both is 10 rupees, for which you have to complete 1200 coins.

Is Cash Adda Real or Fake?

Cash Adda is a real-earning app, and you can definitely receive payments through this app.

The best thing about this app is the low withdrawal limit. Due to this, anyone can easily collect this amount and withdraw it.

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