Catch Yoo Is Real Or Fake: Can You Really Get Gift Cards from This App?

For many days, you see a gift card earning application advertisement whose name is Catch Yoo. 

catch yoo is real or fake

Catch Yoo is a new gift card earning app in which, if you play games, you can earn Google Play redeem codes, Amazon gift cards, and various types of gift vouchers through this application.

But many users have concerns about whether the Catch Yoo app is real or fake?

In this article, I will clear up this doubt and also tell you many important things about the Catch Yoo app, that help you a lot.

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Catch Yoo Is Real Or Fake? 

Is the Catch You app real or fake? So the answer is that Catch Yoo is a legit earning app, but wait, don't work on it before knowing if it is worth earning or not.

Further, I give you complete details about this app, including how much you earn from it and whether it is worth earning or not.

 So read this article till the end to know about the complete details of this app.


Catch Yoo Review

When i check the Catch Yoo application in the Play Store, we see that Catch Yoo is made by OtterPaw Studio.

Catch Yoo is the first app of this studio, and in a very short time, it's completed with over one million users, which is an amazing thing!

When I check the ratings of Catch Yoo, I see its rating is 3.9, which is good, and user reviews is also good.

  Next, we will know how the Catch Yoo app works and how we can earn gift   cards from it.

How does Catch Yoo app Work?

It is very easy to earn a gift card in the Catch Yoo app. You have to play games in this app and exchange them you get various types of gift cards. Like: Google Play, Amazon, Ali Baba, etc.

  You will see a lot of interesting games in the Catch You app. In these games, you have to complete levels and tasks. For doing this, you get coins. 

There are also many earning options in the Catch Yoo app, so let's know one by one how many earning options are given in it.

Earning Options

Play Games:

Playing games is the most popular earning option of the Catch Yoo app, and the best thing is that you do not need to install any games to play.

When you click on the play button, the game automatically starts, and you have to complete challenges in these games.

You can see below an image of a game whose name is Go Go Match. If I complete five levels in this game, I will receive 30 coins.

Similarly, you see a game whose name is Coin Otter. If you eliminate 10 times in it, you earn 40 coins. 

If you like playing games a lot, then this app is going to be very good for you.

Task Box:

On the home screen of this app, you see a box in the top right corner. When you click on the box, you see many different types of tasks.

If you do these tasks, then you earn coins. For example, if you play any three games, you get 50 coins. 

If you enable notification, you will receive 50 coins again.

You will see many types of tasks in this box. If you complete any task, you will receive a good amount of coins.

Daily Sign-in:

If you want to earn without doing any task or playing any game, then the daily sign-in option is good for you because you can earn 5 to 25 coins a day without performing any task or playing any games.

 You have to open this app daily and claim your daily bonus.

When the day increases, your coin bonus increases, and on the 7th day, you earn 25 coins from your daily bonus.


How to Change Country in Catch Yoo

Maybe you face similar problems in the Catch Yoo app related to withdrawals.

 One of the most common problems is that your country's currency is not visible on the withdrawal page.


If you face the same problem, then go to the home option and click on your profile. After clicking on your profile, you have to click on the settings option.

 After clicking on it, you will see the country option. Click on it and change your country.

But the sad thing is that only nine countries are available at present on the Catch Yoo app.

If your country is not shown in this app, you will have to wait for the update, which may add more countries to the app.

Withdrawal Methods in Catch Yoo

Different countries have different withdrawal methods. 

As I live in India, on my country withdrawal page, only three gift cards are available.

  1. Google Play Gift Card 
  2. Amazon Gift Cards
  3. Ali Express Gift Cards

If you live in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, or Vietnam, you may see other gift card options.

So, check your country to see which gift card withdrawal methods are available.

Is Catch Yoo Worth for earn Gift Cards?

The second most important question is whether Catch Yoo is worth earning gift cards or not?

The answer disappoints you because you do not earn much in the Catch Yoo app.

There are many reasons behind it, and the most common reason is that the game's level and task are getting harder gradually, it is very difficult to complete them. 

The minimum coin threshold for withdrawal in my country is 3000 coins,     which is very high. 

I work for 1-2 hours, but still I get only 50 to 60 coins, which is very low.I Ifyou think of earning gift cards using this app, then remember these points.

 Although, this application is legit and will give you real gift cards.




  • You can earn gift cards by playing games.
  • Various types of gift cards are available in this app.
  • User ratings and reviews are also good.
  • Unlike other gift card-earning apps, you won't see any irritating advertisements in Catch Yoo.


  • There are not many options for earning in the Catch Yoo.
  • In the beginning, tasks and levels are very easy, but when your level is up, it will be more difficult to level up in games and complete the tasks.
  • There is no referral and earn program in this app.
  • At present, only 9 countries are available in this app; maybe in the future, it will add more countries.


Guys Catch Yoo is a real gift card-earning app, and in a very short period, it has gained a lot of popularity.

 At present, it has completed almost one million installs in the Google Play Store. 

Users can earn various types of gift cards by playing games, which is a very good thing.

On the other hand, when your level increases, tasks become harder and harder, and it is very difficult to complete the task to earn coins. 

If you took 1-2 hours, you would earn approx. 50–60 coins, which is very little.

Apart from this, I liked this app a lot because it is better than other fake gift card-earning apps that make false claims to users.

If you find a legit gift card earning app, then Catch Yoo is a good option for you, but remember some points.

You will not earn much from this app, and also check if your country is available in this app or not.


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