Color Up: Match Colors and Earn Cash or Redeem Codes

 Do you want to earn money by matching the Colors? Yes, it is possible, but how?

There is a new earning app on the Play Store called Color Up In this app, you earn Upi Cash or Google Play gift cards by matching the Colors.

First of all, I tell you, is Color Up app real or fake? After that, I discuss how to earn in this app and also cover many more important things related to color up app.

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Color Up app Real or Fake?

So, our first question is is the Color Up app real or fake? The answer is yes. Color Up is a real-earning app that gives you payment in Upi and Google Play redeem codes.

Before using the Color Up app, you need to understand how to earn money using the Color up app and how it works.

How to Earn in Color Up app?

Match Colors and earn:

To earn money in the Color-up app, you have to match the colours in Spin.

As you can see above, there is a wheel, and you have to match the upper Color on this spin wheel. 

If you match this color within 5 seconds, you earn 5 coins successfully. 

 But If you fail to match the upper color to the wheel in under 5 seconds, then you are eliminated, and you have to try again by watching one video ad. 

Every time you eliminate, you see one ad, which is very frustrating.

Other Earning Options:

Apart from match and earn, you have to see many more earning options, like playtime games, watch video ads, survey offers, app offers, invite friends, or daily bonuses. If you use these options, you earn more coins.


How to Activate a Wallet in the Color Up?

There is one common problem that most users face, which is that their accounts are not activated. 

If you want to activate your account, then you have to join the Color Up app with a referral link. 

If you join without a referral link, your account is not activated. If you install this application directly from the Play Store, then your account is not activated.

You can also install the Color Up app with the button below to activate your wallet.

Color Up app Coin Value

Many users are concerned about the coin value of the Color Up app.

I try to know the exact coin value, but it is difficult to know the exact coin value in this app.

When I check some user reviews, I know that the value of 1000 coins is approximately 1 to 5 rupees.

But the coin value is not fixed. 1–5 rupees is an estimate of the coin's value.

When I see a user comment on YouTube, he said that for an exchange of 1000 coins, it gets only 0.20 rupees, which is a very small amount.

So, it is not easy to say what the exact value of the coins in this app is. Maybe some users get 1 rupee for every 1000 coins, but others get only 0.20 rupees for every 1000 coins.

Please tell me in a comment how many rupees you get in exchange for 1000 coins.

Withdrawal Options in Color Up

If you want to withdraw money in the Color Up app, you must complete the 30 rupees in your account. 

Whether you want to withdraw Google Play redeem codes or Upi cash, it is compulsory to earn 30 rupees.

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