Task Wask app Referral Code and Withdrawal Proof

Task Wask app; with the help of this app, you earn Upi Cash, Google Play Redeem Codes, Amazon gift cards and Flipkart gift cards.

I will share with you the Task Wask app withdrawal proof and Referral Code or I will also tell you how to earn cash or gift cards.


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Task Wask Withdrawal Proof

First of all, I will show you the Task Wask withdrawal proof. After that, I will talk about other things.

As you can see above, the Task Wask app pays in Google Play redeem code and Amazon gift cards.

It doesn't matter which payment method you choose to redeem; you will definitely get your payment through any payment method. 

How to Earn in a Task Wask app?

We don't get so many earning options in the Task Wask app, but you can earn a good amount of coins from the options that are available now.

Install Apps and earn:

This is a very common earning option where you have to install apps and complete some tasks. After completing the tasks, you get the coins.

install apps and earn in task wask

Most apps only require you to install them and open them for a few minutes. After completing this, you can receive the coins.

Participate in MoneyPool:

This option is a bit different from other earning options.

In this option, you earn almost ₹10 cash, but it is not confirmed that you will exactly get this prize; they also say that it is an assured prize.

If you want to participate in it, you have to complete one task and refer five friends; if you refer more friends, your chances of winning are increased.


How do I increase earnings?

If you want to increase your earnings in Task Wask, you should complete more tasks and refer friends.

The drawback of this app is that it doesn't give many options for earning coins. Maybe in the future, they will add more earning options.

Till then, you should try the current earning options.

Task Wask app Referral Code

Now I am sharing the Task Wask app referral code with you, and along with this, I also tell you how you earn more coins by doing referrals.

task wask app

Task Wask App Referral Code:- 1380675

How do you earn coins from Task Wask referrals?

If your friend uses your referral code while signing up in the Task Wask app and completes one task, you and your friend both receive 500 coins.

This is beneficial for both you and your friend.

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