Push The Coin Legit Or Not? (Can You Really Earn Money Pushing Coins)

"Push the coin" when you see the advertisement for this app, so you will see that it's claiming to give you a large amount of money by playing the coin push game.

According to this app advertisement, you do not need to collect a minimum withdrawal threshold amount; you withdraw the money instantly.

When you start playing games on Push the Coin, you will earn a lot of money in just a few minutes.

But the biggest question is Push the Coin legit or not? Does it live up to their claims or not?

In this post, I will do a Push the Coin review and give you complete details. I am sure that after reading this post, you will know the reality of Push the Coin.


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Push the Coin Review

When I went to the Play Store to collect some basic information about Push the Coin, I found that Push the Coin is still on early access on the Play Store.

As far as my experience is concerned, mostly fake-earning app creators keep their apps on early access because they are afraid that if users see negative ratings and reviews of their application, they will not use it.

If you look at Push the Coin Creator Studio, you will know that Push the Coin was made by Ademi Y Studio

In the past, this studio did not launch any applications. Push the Coin is the first application of this studio, which makes it hard to believe in its legitimacy.

After checking this app briefly on the Play Store, I found that there are so many red flags about this app.


How does Push the Coin work?

In Push the Coin, you have to play a game. By playing games, you can earn too many coins.

There are two types of coins available in this app: Yellow and Green.

Green coins play an important role in this app because, using green coins, you can withdraw money. 

On the other hand, yellow coins are used for buying the number of times to scratch and spin. If you have yellow coins, you buy more numbers to scratch and spin.

To earn money by pushing the coin, you have to tap and tap on the coin slot. When you tap it, yellow coins automatically fall into the moving plate of slots.

If coins fall on the moving plate of the slot, it's started, and you get a scratch card and spins.

 If coins fall below the moving slot plate, you won't receive a scratch card. 

It is important that coins fall on the slot plate; otherwise, a yellow coin is a waste  and you don't receive the bonus. 

In the top right corner, you can see the coin number. If this coin number is finished, then you have to buy it again by using yellow coins.


Push the Coin Withdrawal Options

There are a total of six payment methods available on Push the Coin:

  1. PayPal
  2. Cash App
  3. Paytm 
  4. TEJ
  5. Coinbase
  6. Inter

If you want to withdraw money using any payment method, first you have to provide your payment account details.

 For example, if I want to withdraw PayPal Cash, first need to fill out my PayPal account details, including my name and email address.

After filling out the withdrawal information, you will see a withdrawal page that is visible if you want to withdraw PayPal cash. 

First of all, you have to complete 8,000 thousand green coins. After that, you will be able to withdraw PayPal cash.

But the question is it safe to give information in this app? So the answer is no it is not safe to give your personal details on this type of earning app.


Is Push the Coin Legit?

Finally, we are going to know whether Push the Coin is legit or not for earning.

The answer is disappointing because pushing the coin is not legit to earn money; it is a complete scam.

After withdrawing money from it, you don't receive any type of payment, even though it's claimed to pay you a very high amount, but in reality, all the claims are false.

The main goal of the creator of Push the Coin is to show advertisements to as many users as possible. The more advertisements you see, the more the creators will earn, but in exchange for them, you do not get a single amount of money.

You will only get disappointment in push the coin if you have to come into this app to make money.


After reading this article, you will understand how Push the Coin works and whether it is a legit money-making app or not.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that never believe in these types of earning apps or games that make fake claims in their advertisements, but when you really go to earn money on these types of apps, you get nothing.

There are many legit-earning apps available on the Play Store. You try them to earn money but don't use this type of app, which makes very big claims but, in the end, doesn't pay you.

Think about why an application creator provides you with too much earnings from just playing a simple coin game; there is no benefit to its creator in doing this.

The creators of these types of apps attract users with tempting ads, and after watching the ads, people fall into their trap.

The creators of these apps fill their own pockets by showing ads to their users, but when users go to withdraw their money, they don't receive anything. 


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